Standing together for the children and families fleeing Ukraine

As a result of the ongoing war in our neighboring country, fleeing children and families in need of help and support are arriving in Hungary. In cooperation with the Hungarian Terre des HommesFoundation, the Trauma Centre works together to provide sustainable support that ensures the well-being of children and families fleeing Ukraine.

Withing the framework of the project, the Trauma Centre provides psycho-social support to refugees and the professional volunteers working with them, based on the Terre des Hommes MHPSS (Mental Health and Psycho-Social Support) methodology.

Furthermore, we also provide individual and group psychological help and counseling for parents, families and children during group and individual supervisions, as well as by holding training sessions, we support the work of psychologists, professionals, volunteers working in the project and those working with traumatized people in care facilities.

Our psychologists involved in this project are the following: