Supporting victims of gender based violence – FULL

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At the Trauma Centre, we consider the care for people of disadvantaged or prejudiced social groups our priority, as well as the rehabilitation of people who have experienced trauma, and whose financial or social situation does not allow them to have access to professional and continuous mental health support.

In cooperation with Voice, Trauma Centre provides psychological help to victims of gender-based violence.

Gender-based violence can have various forms:

  • Physical violence, 
  • Verbal violence, 
  • Psychological violence, 
  • Sexual violence, 
  • Socioeconomic violence, 
  • Domestic violence or violence used in intimate relationships,
  • Harassment and sexual harassment,
  • Obstetric violence.

We provide short-term, need-based therapy for clients who have experienced gender-based violence. The therapy is fully supported by the Trauma Centre. Clients can submit their requests at