Our Consultation Rooms

Psychological support takes place in two separate rooms at the Trauma Centre. Our consultation rooms meet the standards for  psychological treatment and satisfy the following expectations:

  • comfort,
  • disturbance-free,
  • safety,
  • cosiness,
  • clean.

The counselling rooms look more like an office or a living room than a doctor’s office. Each session takes place in a separate room where only those who are involved in the therapy can be present. We pay special attention to ensuring that the patient’s rights to privacy are enforced during the entire stay of our clients.

Our clients are greeted and accompanied to the appropriate room by a receptionist.

If you want to use our services, please be sure to register an appointment through our website, this is one of the conditions of the therapy.

Our Address

Kárpát u. 1/B , 6th floor – doorbell: 128

Budapest, H-1133

Phone Number

Phone number: 06-1-349-14-50

Available on weekdays between 10 AM and 6 PM