Our motto: Psychological support is not a privilege.

In our vision, Hungary is a place where psychological support is not a privilege and everyone in need has access to adequate help despite their social status and the capacities of state institutions.

At the Trauma Centre, we consider the care for people of disadvantaged or prejudiced social groups our priority, as well as the rehabilitation of people who have experienced trauma, and their financial or social situation does not allow them to have access to professional and continuous mental health support.

Our goals also include the sensitization and training of those who get in contact with traumatized people during their work about the specific trauma-related aspects of working with their clients or co-workers.

We support our corporate partners in preventing, preparing for and dealing with workplace traumas and crises. We provide trainings that support employees, teams and the management in improving their knowledge and skills that can be effectively applied to a traumatic event (e.g. occupational accidents, cases of harassment or with traumas outside the workplace, such as the death of a family member). In addition, our on-call system is also available, which allows us to help companies to process traumas and crises on the spot.

We also consider it important to improve general social knowledge and awareness about mental health with the aim of maintaining health and preventing disorders.

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who does the Trauma Centre help?

    The Trauma Centre non-profit ltd. was established in 2018 based on a solid professional base and methodology in order to help traumatized Hungarian citizens and their family members by providing psychiatric, psychotherapeutic, psychological and psychosocial counselling.

  • How does the Centre support the underprivileged?

    At the centre, people who have an underprivileged status can get access to professional help at a much more favourable price than the original market price, and in return we only ask for consent. Our basic principle is that therapeutic help should not be a privilege and that a wide range of people should have access to therapeutic help for the sake of mental health. The wages of our therapists are usually covered by project funding or the sale of the Trauma Centre’s services.

  • What professional principles does the Trauma Centre follow?

    You can read more about our professional principles by clicking here.

  • I would like to cooperate with the Trauma Centre, who can I contact?

    Please contact us via the contact menu (using the contact form), or feel free contact us through contact information provided under the menu “our team”.

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