Blanka Lovrek

I am Blanka Lovrek, psychologist, clinical psychologist candidate. I obtained my master’s diploma in clinical and health psychology at ELTE, then continued my vocation training in child and youth clinical and mental health psychology at SOTE. Even during my university education I did a lot of voluntary work, where I was mainly involved in supporting unaccompanied minor refugees. Later, as a volunteer psychologist, I took part in helping the homeless, and worked for an organization helping victims of domestic violence. In the past three years I have been working on providing psychological support for juvenile offenders. The connection in the above mentioned territories is the involvement of trauma, which weaves through the everyday life of individuals, effecting everyday functioning, relationships, and emotional/physical conditions. Over time complex traumatization in children and young adults became more and more my area of interest. With the help of narrative therapy I help children process their experiences with the help of stories.