Our training offers for professionals and organizations working in the civil sector

Our aim is to train professionals to  have extensive knowledge about trauma and are prepared for the specifics of working with traumatized individuals.

We advertise open training courses with the following thematics where the registration of individuals is expected. Additionally, we also organize  trainings based on direct inquiries by organizations.

Our Training Packages

First training package: Trauma-informed care 

  • The aim of the training: professionals will broaden their perspective by familiarizing themselves with the most important aspects of trauma-informed care, most importantly, the effects of traumatization on the nervous system, behaviour, relationships and communication are covered.

Second training package: Improving frustration tolerance among helpers

  • The aim of this training is to give professional helpers tools to deal with their own frustration, loss of enthusiasm and to renew their motivation.

Third training package: Psychological first-aid 

  • The aim of the training: providing important and useful tools to professionals working with traumatized individuals in order to provide immediate support after a traumatic event and prevent secondary traumatization.

Fourth training package: How to communicate with my target group?

  • The aim of this training is for participants to acquire the most important skills in order to successfully cooperate and communicate with traumatized clients.

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