Lilla Gerlinger

I am Lilla Gerlinger, clinical psychologist. I obtained my diploma at the University of Pécs, and later graduated from the same institution as an adult clinical and mental health specialist psychologist. I am currently participating in the Tündérhegy European Psychotherapist Training. Over the years, I have become familiar with several methods (integrative psychotherapy, family therapy, dream, mindfulness), but primarily I work with a dynamic approach and continue my education in a psychoanalytically oriented method.

In the first 8 years of my career, I work at the National Oncology Institute as a member of the oncology team. My work with cancer patients was decisive in many ways and shaped the way I think about trauma. Traumatic experiences are often difficult to articulate, sometimes almost imperceptible, sometimes quite visceral. The experiences of the present sometimes unexpectedly open the door to the feelings of the past, which often have the frightening experience of being left alone in trouble. During the therapies, the jointly developed language is decisive for me, which enables us to connect, fit into the story and think about it together.