Kriszta Rónaszéki

My name is Kriszta Rónaszéki, I am a psychologist. I obtained my master’s degree in psychology in Hungary, majoring in clinical and health psychology. In England I studied behavioural therapy in a postgraduate training at Cardiff University and in Ireland in postgraduate training at Queen’s University of Belfast (QUB). I was able to delve even deeper into cognitive behavioural therapy at SOTE’s clinical psychology training. I worked in England for 8 years in English public health and in private practice. I have been working in Hungary again since 2009. I specialize in trauma processing, panic disorder, ADHD and eating disorders – I work with both children and adults. In the ADHD center, I also carry out diagnostic and therapeutic work with children and adults suffering from ADHD and related difficulties. At the Trauma Center, in the framework of trauma processing, we work on those past blockages that appear in our lives in the form of anxiety, panic or other relationship problems in the present, and on those childhood traumas that make it difficult to function as a healthy adult. I work with EMDR, schema-therapy,trauma-focused behaviour therapy and art therapy. In addition to my Hungarian master’s, during my studies abroad I learned from English, Irish and American therapists, and I am currently continuing to train myself so that I can help those who come to me with the most modern methods.