Adrienn Kroó

My name is Adrienn Kroó, I am a clinical psychologist and EMDR therapist. I graduated from the psychology department of ELTE PPK with a specialization in health psychology, I obtained a clinical psychologist qualification from Semmelweis University, and I am a PhD student at University of Pécs School of Psychology. I have been working with survivors of various traumatic situations for more than 10 years. I started my career with the rehabilitation of traumatized refugees as a psychologist at the Cordelia Foundation. I learned a lot from the survivors during this period, I consider it important to share this knowledge and experience.

In addition to my clinical activities, I also carry out scientific research and education in the field of trauma, post-traumatic condition, coping and prevention. I work in several languages, I enjoy dealing with people of different cultures and backgrounds, and I use an integrative therapeutic approach, a defining part of which is the conceptual and practical incorporation of EMDR – a special trauma therapy method.