Zsanett Kepics

My name is Zsanett Kepics, I am a clinical and mental health psychologist for children and youth. During my thesis, I conducted interviews with young people leaving orphanages, which was a decisive experience at the beginning of my professional career. Later, I worked for a longer period with children in state care. I gained a lot of experience working with them about trauma, its effect, ad coping with trauma. My theoretical knowledge further deepened during my vocational training in Debrecen. Since 2019, I have been working at the Trauma Center, and since 2022, I have also been involved in providing psychological care to refugees fleeing from war within the framework of the Cordelia Foundation. Over the years, I have gained a lot of practical experience in helping individuals who have experienced trauma.

In recent years, in addition to therapy for children and adolescents, I have also started working with adults. In child therapy, I have always considered consultations with parents and caregivers important, so working with adults is not unfamiliar to me. My recent studies have also been very helpful in more in-depth therapeutic work during consultations.

Currently, I am participating in the European Psychotherapy Training at Tündérhegy as a psychotherapist trainee, and I am also training in TFP therapy. This therapeutic approach is helpful in the therapy of adolescents and adults dealing with more severe problems, and I work from a psychodynamic perspective.

My qualifications are as follows:

2012: Psychologist diploma
2019: Clinical Child and Adolescent Psychologist specializing in mental hygiene
2022: Psychodrama Assistant
2020 – Present: Tündérhegy European Psychotherapy Training – Psychotherapist candidate, Method: Focused Psychodynamic Therapy
2021-2022: TFP-A (Adolescent) Theoretical Training, 2022 – Present: TFP (Adult) Training