Vera Jarovinszkij

I am Vera Jarovinszkij, a consulting specialist psychologist, training integrated expression and dance therapist. I obtained my psychology degree at ELTE PPK, and I also completed my counseling degree and professional training in couple and family therapy there in 2013. For 15 years I worked at the Pedagogical Union Zugló. I have been leading self-awareness and training dance therapy groups for 20 years within the framework of the IKT Association and together with participants, I experience the power of the community in the healing process. 10 years ago, my interest turned to women themed groups, where by mapping resources and taking a trauma-focused approach into consideration, we go around the female organ diseases, sexuality, having children, relationships and transgenerational family patterns topics. My work is complemented by the EMDR therapy method, which is a training I completed at the EMDR Association. I also worked as a dancer for 15 years, so my work as a psychologist and dance therapist is interwoven with bodily expression and experience in both individual and group therapy situations. I primarily work with a dynamically oriented, person-centered and family therapy approach with adults and adolescents. I combine body-focused, dance and visual expression art therapy , imaginative techniques, symbol therapy, EMDR and Somatic Experiencing  and TRE (Trauma and Tension Releasing Exercise) trauma-revealing methods.