Mónika Rózsa

I am Mónika Rózsa, a child and youth clinical and mental health psychologist. I obtained my bachelor’s degree from ELTE and my professional qualifications from the University of Pécs. I am currently participating in a trauma-oriented training of the Neurosequential Network Organization founded by Bruce D. Perry. The neurosequential model takes into account psychological and neurological development characteristics and is based on the basic principles of modern knowledge about trauma in the therapeutic work with children, families and the communities surrounding them. During my professional career and previous jobs (I was the professional manager of the Pressley Ridge Hungary foundation) I gained experience in experiential pedagogy and in the development and implementation of therapeutic programs, institutional development (formation of school culture, methodological renewal, teacher training’s) and individual ,group services and supervision for professionals working in child protection. My view is holistic, solution-oriented, focused on internal resources and healing. I support processes that support the elicitation of potential in therapeutic work and I often step out of traditional frameworks. I believe in healing together with clients, where we create a space that encourages the restoration of balance in children, adults of professional communities.