Júlia Richter

During my university studies, I became interested in the psychological characteristics of people and their families who have experienced traumatic events and the ways of providing help. Later, as a clinician, I delved more and more into the subject and worked, among other things, with refugees, victims of human trafficking and survivors of natural disasters and accidents. In 2012, I received the American Fulbright scholarship with the plan to create a Hungarian Trauma Center. Since my year at Columbia University, I have worked for international organizations, visited many trauma centers around the world, and it became clear to me that such a professional workshop is needed in Hungary as well. It is a great pleasure and honor for me to be one of the founders and professional leaders of the Trauma Center.


Az vagyok, aki vagyok. Úgyse lehetek más: miért féljek hát fölfödözni, ki vagyok?

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