Diana Veronika Pinter

I earned my degree in psychology from Eötvös Loránd University and in clinical psychology from Semmelweis University.  During my professional journey, I had the opportunity to gain experience in working with people of different ages and backgrounds.  I worked with children and young people being raised in state care, and later with adults facing their addiction and their partners and relatives who realized they need to work on their recovery together as a dynamically interacting and ever changing system. Afterwards, I provided  individual and group psychological care for children and young people, consultation for parents, as well as couple and family therapy. In the past few years I have especially working with people affected by intimate partner violence.


The decision to look up a psychologist can be born in many different situations.  What all these varied circumstances may have in common is the desire to reconnect (or in other cases, finally connect for the first time) with our truest selves.  In the therapeutic process, in which we undertake together, my role is to provide a space in which our burdensome, rejected and hidden (sometimes even from ourselves) emotions and needs can become livable, acceptable, expressable and contained.  In the course of our joint work, the therapeutic relationship will be one of our main tools in order to understand, in the depths of our current conflicts and difficulties, what needs we lacked in previous periods of our lives, how our unconscious self-defense attempts and our learnt beliefs about ourselves, our relationships and the world are affecting our perception, emotions and behaviour. It is important that the purpose of our intention to gain insights and understanding is not self-serving analysis or painful regurgitation of the past.  The role of building connection to our honest emotions and needs lies in the fact that it addresses and mobilizes our internal resources and thus opens the door to filling the deficiencies we have suffered. Furthermore, understanding how we operate offers a map for safe navigation in our relationships as well. 


 My qualifications

 2015 Certified psychologist

 2020 Child and youth clinical and mental health specialist psychologist

 2017 Autogenic trainer

 2017-present: Family therapist candidate

 2019-present: candidate for complex integrative child therapist

 2020 Psychodrama assistant

 2021 EMDR Level 2


Language: Hungarian

Form of therapy: primarily personal, online if necessary

Therapy office location: Budapest, 12. district

Age group: adults

Price of therapy: HUF 12,000-15,000