Trauma and crisis management at the workplace

Traumas and crises do not differentiate: in different ways, but anyone can be affected. Workplaces are no exceptions.


In what kind of situations can you be affected? Workplace accident, crisis, burn out, stress, sexual harassment, abuse…

You may be a victim or witness of a traumatic event. Workplace community and performance are also affected by individual trauma or crisis.


Mental well-being and the creation of a supportive environment are becoming increasingly important in the development of corporate culture.

A trauma-informed operation can support the well-being of the company and its employees; it can also strengthen the sense of security at work, and thus loyalty and motivation.


  • Is it important for you to be able to effectively track changes and develop the corporate culture?
  • Would you like to work with trained leaders who act effectively in times of crisis and trauma too?
  • Do you prefer when your employees pay attention to themselves and each other?
  • Did you know that there are already effective methods of assistance, trainings and services available in this field?

Be a leader of a company where, in addition to work, the mental health of your employees is also important.


  • Would you like to show something new to applicants as a competitive advantage?
  • Would you like to be able to show candidates already during the interviews that your company has conscious and well-prepared leaders and that they may work in a place where management prioritizes mental health?
  • Do you want trauma-informed operation to be part of your employer branding strategy?
  • Do you think that a supportive work environment plays a key role in labor retention?

Take matters into your own hands and organize trainings for mental well-being and awareness raising.


  • Do you know what the characteristics of trauma are and how to recognize it?
  • Do you know that you can become a better leader by improving mental health?
  • As a leader, you are responsible for the operation of your team. We can help you to be able to have an effective, supporting conversation when needed.
  • We can also support you in creating a work environment where colleagues pay attention to each other.

Incorporate this knowledge into your leadership skills set.


  • Are you aware of the fact that trauma can happen to you at your workplace?
  • Would you like to know about the everyday aspects of trauma and the possibilities of asking for help?
  • Would you like to get help, but you don’t know whom to ask?
  • Would you like to help but you are afraid to? Or you don’t know where to start?

Be an active member in creating a supportive environment.


Beyond the known methods of the training sector, new services are available.


Easy-to-learn assistance

Trauma can rear its head in all areas of life and work, thus our services are aimed at several groups within a company. Whether you are responsible for HR or health & safety or you are a CEO or an employee, we can provide you with effective tools which also contribute to the development of a more advanced corporate culture.

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On-call system

  • Have you had an accident at work?
  • Have you experienced any other traumatic events in your workplace or in other areas of life?
  • You are a victim of harassment and you don’t know what to do?
  • A professional service based on a German model, which is available for the first time in Hungary at the Trauma Centre.

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Social Responsibility

Our organization operates as a non-profit. Our mission is to raise society’s awareness of mental health issues and make psychological support available to disadvantaged, traumatized individuals. By using our services, besides the development of your company, you also contribute to the Trauma Centre’s overall mission. With every purchased service 25% of the service fees will fund therapy for people who cannot afford it. In our vision: psychological support should not be a privilege.

Who we are

Our Team

Our clinical psychologists specialize in trauma and crisis management and regularly hold trainings and lectures about these topics; they also carry out scientific and educational activities.




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