Mental health support for thos affected by the Ukrainian WarThe traumatic effects of the war in Ukraine may impact not only residents, refugees but also worried family members outside of Ukraine and people who fear the war might escalate to our region. The Traumacenter and the Cordelia Foundation are joining their expertise and experience to provide mental health support to refugees, Ukrainians living in Hungary, volunteers and professionals working with refugees, and anyone affected by the situation.

People affected by the war are in urgent need of immediate mental health assistance. Psychological first aid will not only help them cope with the current mental strain, but immediate support will also help prevent later post-traumatic symptoms.

Hungary was not prepared to receive the sudden influx of refugees. Thus aid workers and volunteers did not have the chance to prepare and receive adequate trauma-informed training. The fact that the majority of the incoming refugees are women and children places further sources of stress and worry

Please support our efforts to provide mental health support to those affected by the current war. 

Depending on the amount raised, we plan to provide the following activities:

  1. Psychological assistance, crisis intervention for asylum seekers, Ukrainians living in Hungary, or anyone affected by the war. The work of our therapists is assisted by qualified native language interpreters 
  2. Group therapy using verbal, and nonverbal methods. The work of our therapists is assisted by qualified native language interpreters 
  3. Resilience groups for mothers and children
  4. Group supervision for professionals and volunteers working with traumatized individuals to prevent secondary trauma and burnout. 
  5. Online training and support for volunteers who help along the border

In addition, the Trauma Center regularly posts tips and articles on their website and Facebook page about how to cope with the extreme stress caused by the conflict.  If you are interested in volunteering, email us: