Dr. Árpád Sebestyén

I am Dr. Árpád Sebestyén, a specialist psychologist in crisis management which I studied at ELTE PPK. In addition, I work with the following method-specific training’s at the level of individual and group sessions: Integrative Gestalt (Fritz Perls Institute, Düsseldorf, 1987-1990, 950 hours); Hypnotherapy (Integrative Psychotherapy Association, 1999-2001, 200 hours); Transpersonal Psychotherapy (Beata Bishop, 2003-2005, 180 hours); EMDR-Assyst technique  (Zuzana Cepelikova, 2022, 6 hours),  Disaster-Crisis Intervention (Edwin Benko, 2007, 40 hours).

I addition to trauma processing, my other favorite field of expertise is the teaching of psychological first aid, especially its application in voluntary work. In the business world, I also hold training’s on behalf of the Trauma Center. I also support bereavement work at organizational, employer and employee level. In my perspective, I work in a solution-focused (and less problem-focused) approach, integrating spirituality into my work when necessary. A pragmatic, practical coaching approach is often not far from me. I am a university lecturer at PPKE and ELTE PPK. I wrote my doctoral dissertation on the topic of psychological crisis management. I am honored to work at the Trauma Center as a member of an excellent team with such high professionalism.