Andrea Nánási

I obtained my degree in psychology in 1996 at the Faculty of Arts of ELTE, then in 2011 I passed the professional examination for crisis counselor and specialist psychologist. I am also currently studying at ELTE, I will obtain my degree in Environmental Psychology in June 2023. I have been working as a psychologist for 26 years with people, mainly adolescents and adults. Most of my professional experience is in the social field (educational consultant, children’s home, family supporter service) where I had the opportunity to work with groups (organizations, families, couples) and working with both individuals. My therapeutic approach is Rogerian, and my methods are cognitively oriented. Based on my qualifications and experience I can work with people who are healthy, temporarily struggling or facing difficult decisions. I can interpret my professional successes in terms of the “Rogers Triad”, which are empathy, authenticity, and unconditional acceptance. Due to the socio-natural climate change that is undergoing transformation, I am constantly opening up my methods towards  eco-psychology and nature art.

In the Trauma Center I primarily work with refugee families from Ukraine.

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